Friday, July 30, 2010

Rhythm and News

It's no secret that Cats in Paris are one of my favourite North-West bands. "Courtcase 2000", their 2008 debut, is a rare beast in that for all the unapologetically mental freakouts that burst out in songs like "Cold Products" and "(How To) Harvest Yourself", they never lose a sort of saccharine sweet pop charm- helped by the call and response vocals and delicious synthesisers.

In fact, all of these qualities are in effect in their new single "Chopchopchopchopchop" (except the call and response vocals, Sara has sadly left the band) so have a listen:

Chopchopchopchopchop Music Video: Cats in Paris from Cats In Paris on Vimeo.

But yes, the reason I'm mentioning them, is they're about to embark on a very fun sounding project. The Daily News!

Basically, Michael, Lorien and Ben intend to read the news headlines every day in August, throw them around their music boxy brains and then firing them back out into the world in song form. This is bound to be special. So you should definitely check it out, starting out on Sunday.

(I just hope it works out better than Bumblebeez disappointing 30/30 project)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here come the Grums

Things that have changed since I last blogged:

We have a Conservative Prime Minister.
Journey have become massively popular.
People are excited to see The A-Team.

All the evidence is there, we are now in the 80s, so there's no better time to enjoy Grum's new single, "Through The Night", an exceptional piece of retro electro.

The video sums up JUST how 80s the song is- it's like Top Gun and Magnum PI finally acted on those feelings they've secretly been having the whole time- but that's only if you weren't already aware from the synth sounds and a Toto sample for the vocals.

Grum is a Leeds-based one man production maestro who, fortunately, is very aware of his nostalgic sound and milks it just the right amount. You can hear that classic Giorgio Moroder sound in the synth washes he puts on nearly all his work (listen to he remixes for more examples).

Not sure how this new single will appeal to the clubbers of today, it's almost too pleasant to dance to, but I know I'll be listening to it a lot.

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