Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Euro 09

Knowing that Euros Childs exists, is always a constant pick me up for me. Look at him! Look at that cheery face! If I'm ever feeling slightly down I just think to myself that somewhere out there, Euros Childs is smiling away, probably plonking away on a synthesiser and generally making the sun shine.

I'm rather late to the joy of Euros Childs, discovering him as I did through his friendliness with Das Wanderlust. But now I've got my brain in gear and have bought myself "Barafundle" (the amazing album by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Euros' old band) which is probably the high point of Childs' career. Though that's not to say Childs' post-Gorky's output is merely fumbled attempts at recapturing the glory days of his old outfit. If anything, Childs has blazed a path of his own now he's on his own having released five albums in the last five years.

The last of those was last year's Son of Euro Child and what inspired me to do this post of Childs worship was that- after intending to get the album for some months- I learnt that THE ALBUM IS FREE FROM HIS WEBSITE!

I've only given it a short listening, but it is a pleasant lo-fi take on the usual Euros Childs formula of really great pop songs. Might as well download it, it's free, like. Also, this was admittedly an excuse to post the album's amazing coverQuality!

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