Friday, January 8, 2010

Sound of 2010 as decided by?

So they've announced the annual shrugfest that is the BBC's Sound of 2010, and the top tip for this year is Ellie Goulding, who we are told is folktronica- oh! How very 2006. Here is her photgenic face.
I've just realised how derogatory that sounds. In actual fact, she's released one single to date, called Under the Sheets and I really loved it- though it was very Lykke Li.

What I object to, is the fact that her position as top tip is decided by "industry people". Which translates to music show/radio producers and promotion people. This basically means it is made by people who have a very large say in what music is played on mainstream outlets.

So surely this defeats the object of predicting who will be big, when they can decide what becomes big, through radio play and tv coverage. Especially as Sound of 2010 doesn't predict that they'll be successful, just that they'll be well known. Essentially, Ellie Goulding could be topping the charts in a few months and the listmakers can say "See! We were right!"
Then again, if she's just scraping in the top 30, the listmakers can still claim they were correct as long as Goulding is still getting plenty of radioplay and tv coverage, which they can supply.

It just seems like a pointless exercise. It wouldn't be bad if the tone of the list was "Here are some bands that we think will make good music" as opposed to "These bands will be popular, you'll love them when you catch up with us".

Then again, since you're asking, I think Errors, Indelicates and Chris T-T are going to unleash blinding albums this year. Also looking forward to some more releases from Freezing Fog, Borland and Anna Madeleine.

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