Monday, April 12, 2010

Book your face...

The Indelicates (who i have mentioned more on this blog than any other band) have done a very fancy thing. They've released a social single! Essentially, you're free to stream the single as many times as you want, as long as you invite at least 5 facebook friends to listen to it as well. It's genius really, especially at a time when bands keep complaining that the internet is their enemy (DE Bill anyone?)

Here's a link so you can do your thing and listen to their new single "Savages". Needless to say it's very good, tuneful pop music with quotable lyrics that, were teenagers to embrace grumpy indie, would be plastered over a thousand MSN screen names and facebook updates. Superb.


The Indelicates album is now available for as much as you want to pay here

The album is, for my money, better than American Demo (also available at the Corporate Records site) with more folkier numbers but still the perfect amount of guts and bile in the lyrics. "Be Afraid Of Your Parents" is ALREADY a classic in my eyes (and ears).

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