Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arab Strap is Dead

Of course, the news that Arab Strap is dead, is hardly hot off the press. The Scottish duo of Aiden Moffat and Malcolm Middleton- responsible for some of the rawest love songs of our time- split after their 2005 swansong album "The Last Romance" (and a lovely best of called "Ten Years of Tears").

However they are now having a bit of a resurgence, having released a massively comprehensive boxset "Scenes of a Sexual Nature" (details of what was included in the mammoth set can be found here) and- quite likely to attract those less ardent Strap fans not prepared to pay £60 for "Scenes..."- now resissuing the band's first two albums ("The Week Never Starts Round Here" from 1996 and 1998's "Philophobia") with the fancy double disc treatment.

ALSO! What with Aiden Moffat being simply one of the most fun grumps in music he has released the uncomfortably hilarious short film "Arab Strap is Dead". Much like an Arab Strap song, the video makes the viewer feel, not so much like they're watching someone spill their guts, more like they're watching Moffat perform open heart surgery on himself and wax lyrical about everything he finds in there.

So here's the film. If you don't love Aiden Moffat even a little bit by the end of it, you should probably see a doctor.

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