Monday, September 20, 2010

DOOM to Maneuver

"If all else fails, inhale an ale"

That line is just one reason why DOOM is one of the best rappers alive. Another reason is the fact that- unlike a depressingly large amount of rappers- he can produce beats just as well as anybody who produces for him. It was because of this, he had the ability to be crazy productive and release over twenty albums under loads of psuedonyms in the ten years and amongst all those releases are at least five stone cold classics (Operation: Doomsday, Madvillainy, Take Me To Your Leader, MM Food and any of the Special Herbs series in case you were wondering).

Oh, and another reason why he's one of the best rappers is his awesome mask.

Though if there's one thing that has stopped him being the world's most well known hip hop star- as he rightfully should be- it's DOOM's live reputation. In 2007, Doom did a kind of stupid thing. He sent a bunch of DOOM-posters, skinny fakes in DOOM masks, to perform at his gig while he presumably sat at home not doing much.

So now, with that reputation, it takes balls as steely as his Metal Face to make his next release a live album.

Well it has arrived and I personally am impressed. DOOM's normally whispery and slurred delivery is still there but he seems invigorated, roaring out lyrics and punchlines that, on record, require a keen ear to catch.

He even breaks his image of being serious (though it's amazing he still has that reputation. I mean have you HEARD the DangerDoom album?) by pretending to be sick during "VomitSpit" and cheerily encouraging the crowd to shout "SUPER!" during the, by all accounts, amazing opener of "Hoe Cakes".

So yes, hopefully this performance isn't a one off- and not just cause I'm seeing him when DOOMSDAY comes to Manchester- because, if DOOM gets a reputation as a live heavyweight, on a par with his on-record performances, then he should by rights be given a spot with his friends Mos Def and Ghostface Killah in the holy trinity of alternative hip hop.

Here is his new album (Spotify link, you ain't getting no downloads, boy)

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